Automated onboarding for
labour hire agencies.

Hiring is hard. Hiring at scale is harder. Cut your onboarding costs by up to 75% with our autopilot, and let us take care of it for you.

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Everything you need to hire at scale.

RecruitKit makes it easy to onboard new hires with the click of a button.

Send candidates a self-service invite and we will guide them through your custom onboarding workflow. Track candidates as they progress through their application, with drop-off risk reporting to prevent lost candidates.

Increase your capacity.

Through our automation technology, our customers increase their recruiting capacity by up to 700%, while cutting onboarding costs by up to 75%.


Self-service onboarding for all candidates.

To keep all candidates compliant, send all of your candidates through the same repeatable onboarding workflow. You can use one of our templates for free, or define your own custom workflow.


Identify your best advertising channels through our tracking automation.

We will provide you with special tracking links on your job posts that feed all candidates directly into an application. We support all popular job boards and social media platforms.


Improve your efficiency with our automatic drop-off risk reporting.

Keep track of candidates as they go through the onboarding journey, with intelligent reporting when candidates are at risk of dropping-off.

Start scaling your business.

It's time to make your onboarding process more efficient, so your business can do more for less.

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